SubCatcher: Obtaining sub jobs through SubFinder made simple!

Q and A

Q: Why isn’t your application a service? Why do I have to install and run it? Seems so 1995.

A: We check SubFinder every 10 seconds for new jobs. If we did this from a single server for all of our users your School District’s IT department would see an alarming amount of traffic from one source and would block traffic from accessing the SubFinder server. This is why our competitors that are services check at a 60 second interval. Completely useless in our opinion as jobs come and go in this large window of time.

Q: What if I define multiple rules?  How does it know to accept a job or not?

A: If no rules are defined then the job will auto accept.  If one or more rules are defined then only one of the rules need to be true for the job to accept.  Remember that ALL conditions defined in a rule need to be true for the rule to be true.

Q: What if the application accepts a job I don't want?

A:  Just go into SubFinder and release the job.  The application is smart enough to not pick it up when it becomes available again.

Q: How do time off entries and the rules I define work together?

A: Time off will always trump any rule defined.

Q: I'm not sure if the new rule I created or modified will work. What can I do?

A: In the list of past jobs right lick on a job and select, "Test agains current rules". You will see the result in the activity window.