SubCatcher: Obtaining sub jobs through SubFinder made simple!


Click to download version 1.0.9

Release Notes:
1.0.9 Parse available jobs by column count
1.0.8 Fixed an SSL secure email error when requiring SSL for outbound email.
1.0.7 added some debug output for "send test email" so user can see what failed and log to support file.

After downloading run the setup package then launch the application.
You will be prompted to enter your SubFinder login info and email info for notifications

A note about virus protection warnings.
We obfuscate our code to prevent reverse engineering.
As a result some virus detection programs think that our app is malware and will give warnings.
You may recieve a warning on the download or install of the setup package.
If you recieve a warning just add the file to the safe files list then run setup again.