SubCatcher: Obtaining sub jobs through SubFinder made simple!

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Do you find using SubFinder at your district nearly impossible for obtaining work?  Jobs post and seem to be locked within seconds by other users.  Monitoring the queue can be time consuming.

What if we monitored SubFinder for you and automatically accepted jobs on on your behalf?

We'll auto accept a job if it meets your custom criteria defined in the application then send a text message with the result.

We evaluated other monitoring software but didn't find one with the features we needed so we developed our own.  Other systems rely on sending you notifications then waiting for you to manually respond. 

We know that seconds count and you don't have a very good chance using this method. 

We will automatically accept the job for you if it meets criteria that you define in the application.

The key is getting the job 1st and that's how we're better than our competition!

Without a doubt it has 100% freed users from having to log into SubFinder and schedule jobs.

Why we are better than our competition.

Our Method – 3 seconds to job acceptance.

·         Check for new jobs every 10 seconds.

·         If new job found auto accept job.  Takes less than 3 seconds.

·         Send you a text message indicating that we accepted the job for you or skipped it because of a rule you defined in the application. 10 seconds

Our Competition – 33 seconds to job acceptance.

·         Check for new jobs every 60 seconds.

·         Send you a text message that a new job is available. 10 seconds

·         You read the text message if you happen to be at a place that allows it. 15 seconds

·         You send back a message stating you want the job. 5 seconds

·         The system attempts to accept the job for you. 3 seconds.

If you know anything about SubFinder you know that good jobs are gone in a matter of seconds.  Most if not all good jobs are long gone before our competition has tried to auto accept the position or you try yourself after receiving a notification of a new job.

Bottom Line...  We get there 1st!

Features include:

Auto accept jobs that become available if the job meets your criteria.

Sends a text message when a new job is accepted or skipped and why

A robust rules engine that lets you control what jobs you are interestd in.  Skip 1/2 days for instance.

Robust logging of all jobs that become available.

Simple install and configuration.

Runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.